As a charity, Right Tree relies on donations for funding.  Since our inception, we have been conscious of the fact there are far more needs than there are resources to fund them.  Our pro-active solution was to create Right Tree Adventure Rentals.  Using equipment donated by a generous supporter, it makes recreation resources available to the community on a donation basis AND generates donations equal to approximately 50% of our budget each year.  For the remainder we depend on like-minded supporters who have pledged all but $18,000 of our annual needs.  Each year we need to raise those additional dollars to maintain the status quo.

As you can see on our "Where We Are Going" page, we are working to address the 5 program goals we have envisioned since the birth of  Right Tree:

To provide year-round programming for girls in grades 6-12.
To provide year-round programming for boys in grades 6-12.
To provide resources for students, parents, teachers & community members.
To develop tools to foster healthy adult/teen connections.
To develop a program template for other communities.

The only thing holding us back from reaching these goals is funding.  The dollars neccessary to make dramatic positive changes in children's lives in our community pale in comparrison to the dollars we will need to spend to address issues later.  

We also have two additional "for-profit" business models waiting for funding.  Start up costs for one are $45,000 with a projected annual revenue of $50,000.  The second has start up costs of $28,000 with projected annual revenue of $35,000.  Our vision is to eventually become a self-supporting non-profit.

While the $222,000 needed annually to meet our five program goals seems overwhelming, EVERY GIFT COUNTS as we work to spend every dollar in responsible and powerful ways.


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Right Tree Adventure Rentals, 107 Bridge St., Elk Rapids
   P.O. Box 544, Elk Rapids, MI  49629
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  • Right Tree is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
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