I don't have room to note all the wonderful things Right Tree is doing for Elk Rapid's daughters!  I could see the confidence and empowerment in our daughter from her very first experience.
-Samantha Blakeslee
Right Tree came to the rescue!  I was at my weakest point of watching my daughter suffer through tasteless rumors, hurtful comments, and broken friendships. Because of Right Tree, my daughter is in a much more stable frame of mind. The organization kept her busy doing projects for people in need, and also gave her the opportunity to explore the world with trips to memorable places.
​-anonymous Mom     
My daughter's confidence and willingness to try new things has increased beyond belief!  She has lost her fear of trying new things.
-Kathy Baker
Right Tree helped me view people differently, including myself. Instead of focusing on external characteristics, I've learned to look for internal characteristics. This skill has allowed me to be happy with myself based on my inside qualities, and to be a better judge of people.
8th grade

I thought I was the only one going through this.  It feels so good to be able to share.
Right Tree has affected me very much, I've become more confident.  I deal with situations way better than I would have in the past.  Right Tree has also pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would be able to do, but I did them!
-11th grader      

THANK YOU!! You saved my daughter's life!
-anonymous Dad

She's more confident.  She has a stronger desire to help other people  She is willing to take risks.  We could not ask for a better program & are excited to share the positive growth this organization provides for our girl.
-Kelly Wodehouse
She has a better understanding of the needs of others.  More compassion.  Right Tree has taught her so many valuable life lessons.
-Loretta Burfiend
Right Tree has helped me with being a girl. It's definitly hard to be a girl with all of the problems we face, and know how to deal with them.  I have had trouble keeping friends I can count on, and dealing with the 'populars.'  When I'm at Right Tree I can be myself.
-8th grader​     
"I used to hate the campfire stuff.  I just wanted to DO things.  But now I realize how important those experiences are, how much I learned and how much better my life is because of those times."
-11th grader                 
"I know my circumstances don't control my future."
-10th grader

We are so grateful for what Right Tree did for our daughter! Her confidence & self-worth are so much more solid.
Catharine Carlson
It's a GREAT experience for girls.  Mine are still wishing they would have participated more!  Those experiences gave my daughters a better understanding of other's strengths and needs.
-Tim Trierweiler  
They taught me how to love myself again.  And about what to expect in high school.  They were so right!
​-11th grader

I wish the whole world was like Right Tree -- where there's always someone there for you
-9th grader

"This was the BEST experience of my life!"
​-8th grader
Right Tree showed me that it doesn't matter what you look like God still loves you.
-7th grader
My relationship with my family is SO much better because of Right Tree!
-12th grader

I cannot say enough good things about Right Tree!  It is a fantastic program!
-Caroline Martinez
I know I'm beautiful even when people tell me I'm      ugly.
​-ERHS graduate        

We do the coolest stuff!  And I didn't even die!  And I really LIKE myself!
-​8th grader

Going to Right Tree is like putting on new glasses -- now I see myself and others in such a different more accepting way.
-8th grader  

"I learned to do SO many new things!" 
-11th grader

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